• An emergency delivery of food in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Photo: Svetlana Soroka
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Emergency situation in Ukraine leads to high demand for food parcels

Koen Carlier - 18 February 2022

“Shellfire shakes eastern Ukraine”, “‘Very high’ risk Russia will invade Ukraine within days”, “US: Russia ‘seeking excuse’ to invade Ukraine.” Just a few headlines that we can read on news sites over the past few days. In short: the situation in Ukraine is getting out of hand.

Of course this has a great impact on the work of Christians for Israel in Ukraine. That is why we are issuing this video update! In this update you will hear from several members of the Christians for Israel Ukraine team: Koen Carlier, Nataliya Krishanovski, Alina Gryadchenko.

Looking to the future

Our priority is to continue to pack and distribute the food parcels now. In addition, we are constantly monitoring the situation at the airports so that the Jewish people who are planning to leave can actually go to Israel.

We are strengthened by the knowledge that the Mighty One of Israel holds everything in His hand. As Corrie ten Boom so beautifully put it:

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”


Emergency Campaign

Would you like to support the Jewish communities in Ukraine? You can do so by supporting our emergency campaign.

The cost of a food parcel is € 10 / US $ 11.
For € 135 / US $ 160 you make it possible for one person to leave for Israel.


Any amount is welcome! Your gift will be used where it is needed most.


Emergency Aid Ukraine, donate in €

Emergency Aid Ukraine, donate in US $

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