Christians for Israel International Appoints New Executive Director

editor - 18 May 2018

The Board of Directors of Christians for Israel International (C4I International) is pleased to announce the following change in leadership.

As of 1 July 2018, Rev. Cornelis Kant will succeed Andrew Tucker as Executive Director. Andrew Tucker will take on a new part-time role for C4I International as International Advisor.

Rev. Cornelis (Kees) Kant is 60 years old, married to Joke and father of four adult children. After working in the banking world, Cornelis trained as a theologian, and for the last 24 years he has been pastor of a church, most recently in Katwijk. Cornelis has been a member of the Board of Christians for Israel Netherlands for three years, speaks regularly in the Netherlands on behalf of C4I, and regularly leads tours to Israel. He is author of the book ‘From Eisenach to Bethlehem’.

Cornelis Kant: ‘Over the ages Israel has had little place in Christian theology and faith. Since World War II and the re-establishment of the State of Israel there has been a growing interest among Christians and churches worldwide in the Biblical importance of Israel. I see it as a personal calling of God to educate and equip Christians in a good Biblical understanding of Israel’s everlasting place in God’s plans for the world.’

Andrew Tucker has been Executive Director of C4I International since 2004. Trained as an international lawyer in Australia and the UK, from 1987 to 2004 Andrew worked as legal advisor and consultant. Andrew has decided to focus his energies on the position of Israel and the Jewish people in international law and diplomacy. Andrew is Legal Counsel to the European Coalition for Israel, and founder and Co-Director of The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation, a network of international lawyers established in 2017 to carry out research, publish information, and advise on issues concerning Israel and international law. As C4I International Advisor, Andrew will assist in the international development of the C4I ministry, speak and write about issues relating to Israel, the Church and the nations, and continue as Editor-in-chief of the newspaper Israel & Christians Today.

Andrew Tucker: ‘I am extremely thankful for my time as Executive Director of C4I International. After years of pioneering, it is time for a new leadership to consolidate and build on these foundations. Cornelis Kant is the right man for the job. I am looking forward to using my experience as an international lawyer to support Israel and the Jewish people. The position of Israel under international law is complex and often misunderstood. While not everything in Israel is perfect, I believe that a strong Israel, which respects the human rights of all in the land, provides the best guarantee for the interests of the Arab Palestinians, Israel’s neighbors and in fact all nations.’

About C4I

Since its establishment in the Netherlands in 1979, C4I has developed into a growing global movement with representation in 40 nations in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and Oceania/Pacific region. C4I has over 150,000 supporters from all Christian denominations. The head office – Christians for Israel International – is in Nijkerk, the Netherlands.

Christians for Israel International works with the local C4I teams to train speakers in churches, publish books and other educational resources, outreach to Christians via the media, organize conferences and events, offer tours and educational programs in Israel, and support aliyah and many humanitarian projects in Israel.

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