• The Christians for Israel Uganda team during the opening. Photo: C4I

C4I Office Opened in Kampala, Uganda

Jos van Westing - 31 May 2022

How exciting it was to be able to travel to Africa again after a two-year lockdown and visit Tanzania and Uganda. Uganda really has my heart. It was like coming home and having a family reunion!

I had the opportunity to teach the Israel message for five days, approximately 5-6 hours a day, at V.O.S.O. Gilgal Church. Christians for Israel Uganda (C4I Uganda) restarted through this church under the inspiring leadership of pastors and teachers, Sarah, Asher, Victor, and Edward. C4I Uganda has grown tremendously in knowledge, inspiration and important contacts. Its origins began when a local church in Kampala, with a sincere love for Israel began by praying and financially supporting Aliyah. Today it is a mature movement with national broadcasting through the most viewed Christian Television Station in Uganda, Lighthouse Television Studios. On both Fridays and Saturdays, there is a programme of 11⁄2 hours in which they share the Biblical view of God’s purpose for Israel, the Church and the nations. Unexpectedly I was invited to preach for 15 minutes during an outdoor gathering of a few hundred selected guests, including pastors and church leaders, which was broadcasted live by Lighthouse to 142,000 followers all over Uganda.

Due to their growth and contacts, the Christians for Israel team in Uganda is ready to reach out to churches, Christian fraternities and engage with government officials to organise national conferences and seminars concerning prayer and action for Israel. One of the objectives is to counterattack antisemitism strategies in current events in Israel. The team does not only want to spread the Israel message in their own country but also in neighbouring countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Zambia.

During my visit, I had the honour to officially open a small C4I Uganda office in a newly built shopping and office centre, which will be daily manned during office hours to inform the public about the Why Israel? message.

Pastor Sarah with Jos van Westing. | Photo: C4I


Another valuable contact of our team is Dr Julius Oyet, the Founder and Presiding Bishop of Life Line Ministries, an international ministry with headquarters in Kampala, Uganda. He is called to the apostolic and evangelistic ministry of church planting and has planted over 100 local churches in two decades. He is described as a prolific Christian leader, highly recognised by Christian leaders around the world. Bishop Oyet invited me to speak in the Life Line Church on Sunday, as he did two years ago, and we discussed plans to develop a Why Israel? course in the non-denominational Elijah Institute, which he founded on the Life Line Ministries campus. Students will have to register and pay a small amount and receive a certificate. Bishop Oyet also stressed that he wants to partner with us concerning Aliyah.

We pray that the Why Israel? message will be spread more and more in Uganda and beyond!

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