Brazilian Christians receive message about Israel with enthusiasm

editor - 15 November 2018

In October, the Christians for Israel Team in Brazil launched a Tour through the North East of Brazil under the leadership of Pastor Val Nogueira and her team. Eight meetings took place. The organization took of the events took almost 8 months. The meetings were wonderful and very blessed.

At the office of the National Bible Society of Brazil in Recife we had a meeting with pastors. The leader of the Bible Society was so impressed by the mission of Christians for Israel (C4i) that he offered the Brazilian team all cooperation in future meetings with pastors. The C4I Brazil National Forum was held in the State Department building in the city of Natal. The Israeli Ambassador, Mr. Yossi Avraham Shelley, attended the meeting. Being overwhelmed by the message and the attitude of friendship and love from the Christians for Israel team he offered to be present and to speak at whatever conference C4I will organize in Brazil. Furthermore, State Congress member, dr. Albert Dickson and his wife dr. Carla Dickson attended the Forum and spoke wonderful words.

In the city hall of Extremoz a meeting with the mayor, Mr. Joaz Oliviera Mendes da Silva took place. He expressed his personal faith in the Lord and quoted from the Bible. He emphasized his willingness to be part of Christians for Israel and to cooperate with us. It was a heartwarming experience to listen to a speech from a politician whowas so full of faith and belief.

Alongside these meetings with an official character there were also meetings in several churches in the North East. It was wonderful to see how many young people attended these meetings about Israel. In the city of Senhor do Bonfim more than 200 young people attended a meeting on a Saturday evening. The next morning before the start of the church service they were invited to ask questions to the speakers of Christians for Israel. More than 40 young people seized the opportunity to ask questions. Even a delay of the church service start could not help us to answer all their questions. It was amazing to witness such an interest in Israel by so many young people.

The speakers of Christians for Israel at all those meetings were Pastor Val Nogueira, pastor Vincent, Conrado Lumahan and myself. It was a wonderful and heartwarming experience to meet so many Brazilian Christians and to see their enthusiastic receiving the message. God has really blessed this wonderful tour and opened a lot of doors in Brazil for Christians for Israel. A lot of work and follow-up lies ahead of the team in Brazil. But this is in good hands. I admire Pastor Val Nogueira and the team with lovely and dedicated people around her. May the Lord bless Val and her team and all the people who heard the message about God’s everlasting faith to Israel and the Jewish people.



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