• - Israelis holds signs during a protest against the death in Minneapolis police custody of George Floyd outside the US consulate in Tel Aviv on June 02 2020. Photo by Miriam Alster/Flash90

Black Lives Matter’s Anti-Semitic Agenda

editor - 18 August 2020

The rapid global rise of the radical Black Lives Matter (‘BLM’) movement has caught the world off-guard. But actually, it comes as no surprise at all. It is the fruit of a potent mix of radical Islam and progressive secular values that has taken root in Western society over the past decades. It is also radically anti-Semitic. Tragically, many Jews and Christians are being deceived.

BLM was formed in 2014 as a merger of activists from the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam, the anti-Semitic Black Panthers and Dream Catchers. In 2016, BLM published a platform that has since been removed from its website. The platform accused Israel of committing ‘genocide’ and referred to the Jewish state as an ‘apartheid’ state. The platform accused Israel and its supporters of pushing the US into wars in the Middle East. The platform also officially joined BLM with the anti-Semitic BDS campaign to boycott, divest and sanction Israel. BDS campaign leader Omar Barghouti has acknowledged that the goal of the BDS campaign is to destroy Israel.

According to Jewish writer Caroline Glick, “[f]or American Jews, the violent riots constitute a challenge on several levels. First, there is the challenge of squaring their political identity with their Jewish identity. As the 2014 Pew survey of American Jews showed, around half of American Jews identify as progressives. As progressives, many American Jews share the views of their non-Jewish progressive counterparts regarding the need to prioritise the interests of minority communities over their own interests. …But the Jews’ progressive desire to work on behalf of those demonstrating for African Americans places their political identity on a collision course with their Jewish identity. Black Lives Matter, the radical group leading the demonstrations, is an anti-Semitic organisation.”

“BLM’s platform’s publication [in 2016 – ed.] was greeted with wall-to-wall condemnations by Jewish organisations from across the political spectrum. But today, Jewish progressive are hard-pressed to turn their backs on the group, despite its anti-Semitism. As white progressives, they believe they must fight America’s ‘structural racism’ even at the cost of empowering social forces that reject their civil rights as Jews. As Jews, they feel that their rights should be protected. One progressive Jew tried to square the circle writing in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, ‘Today Jews need to support Black Lives Matter; tomorrow we can talk about Israel.’”

Glick continues: “As white progressives radicalised over the past decade, radical Jewish progressives built a formidable Jewish organisational framework whose mission is to advance the progressive revolution. They have worked to recast Judaism itself as the apotheosis of progressive revolutionary ideals under the banner of ‘tikkun olam’ [’repairing the world’].”

Glick notes that BLM has wholeheartedly adopted the Palestinian narrative: “Between BLM’s establishment in 2014 and the publication of its platform in 2016, anti- Israel activists went to great lengths to create an utterly false conceptual linkage between the Palestinians and African Americans. Today, anti-Israel activists in the US have stepped up their efforts to capitalise on the riots. Anti-Israel activists in Bethlehem painted a picture of George Floyd wearing a kaffiyeh and draped in a Palestinian flag on the separation barrier. Photos of the picture are being heavily promoted on social media.”

Justice, justice, thou must pursue.”

Leading Evangelical Christian leader Laurie Cardoza- Moore has spoken out publicly against BLM’s anti-Semitic manifesto after synagogues and churches were attacked and defaced in America.

“All true American patriots wept bitter tears at the brutal and needless death of George Floyd. Jews, Christians and people of conscience understand the inherent problems within our society that need to be addressed and healed. Racism of any kind does not belong in America and must be relegated to the annals of history. On the same token, it would be hypocritical of Christian leaders to support the Black Lives Matter movement while ignoring their past calls to boycott the one and only Jewish State, outrageous claims that Israel has perpetrated genocide and their total denial of the Jewish people’s right to self- determination. We are reminded in Deuteronomy 16:20; “Justice, justice, thou must pursue.” These positions are anti-Semitic to their core and cannot go unmentioned,” said Cardoza-Moore.

She added, “Synagogues and Churches were vandalised and defaced with anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti- Christian slogans during Black Lives Matter riots across the country. Destroying holy books or defacing houses of worship will not move forward the cause of Black America. These are hate crimes that must be called out by the leaders of the movement if they want to retain any gravitas as anti-racists. Black Lives Matter cannot lead the charge against racism while advocating the destruction of the only Jewish State and staying silent when churches and synagogues come under attack during their protests.”

Cardoza-Moore concluded, “Historically Jews and Christians of all backgrounds stood toe-to-toe in the American civil rights struggle. The late Reverend Martin Luther King was a Christian minister who stood alongside Rabbis in his peaceful marches for justice. Allowing the legacy of Reverend King and this movement to be hijacked by anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and anti- American forces is a great injustice in itself that needs to be rectified for the sake of our shared Judeo-Christian values and the future of these United States. There is a vacuum of spiritual leadership in this movement and it’s time for Jewish and Christian leaders to unite publicly to call upon the leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement to fully renounce all hate from their platform and condemn hate crimes perpetrated in their name immediately so that the process of healing and restoration can begin.”

The quotation of Laurie Cardoza-Moore in this article is based on a report in www.israelnationalnews.com on 12 June 2020. To read Caroline Glick’s analyses of BLM, visit her website: www.carolineglick.com.

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