Birth and Challenge of Israel

editor - 5 July 2018

On Monday 11 June 2018, Christians for Israel and the Sabaoth Church celebrated the 70th anniversary of Israel in Verona, Italy.

The event was a huge success, with some well-known dignitaries attending and speaking. We received many warm messages, including a welcome from the Jewish community, and a greeting from the Senator of the Italian Parliament, Liliana Segre, a Holocaust survivor, who kindly sent us her greeting and thanked the organisers for the event.

The hall where we held the event was graced with flags of Israel, and our guests were overwhelmed by the love and warm welcome they received.

Mr Rafael Erdreich, Minister of Public and Political Affairs of the Israeli Embassy, was our guest of honour. Mr Erdreich is a good friend of Professor Edda Fogarollo, president of Christians for Israel Italy.

Dr Roberto Israel, president of ‘The Holocaust Children’ from the National Holocaust Study and Research Centre, said: “In times like these, when being a Jew in Europe has become difficult, events like these are very important to change the history of the nations.”

Dr Edi Maria Neri, who represented the Mayor of Verona, commented that working together to stand with Israel is important. She said the Mayor’s office would be happy to work with Christians for Israel Italy to transform the culture tainted by the false information propagated by some media outlets regarding Israel. Pastor Roberto Belloni and Chiara Canciani from the Christians for Israel Youth Group were also among the speakers.

A concert titled ‘Note Scordate’ by Duo Elimo, dedicated to the story of Jewish musicians persecuted by the racial laws in Italy, closed the event. We are grateful to God for this beautiful event, which also got local media coverage.

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