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Isaiah 45 and the Security Council

Roger van Oordt - 6 January 2023

World News: the UN Security Council meets at the intercession of China and – supposedly Israel’s great friend – the United Arab Emirates. A Dutch news channel already made the reason world news: ‘Right-wing extremist’Ben Gvir, minister of the ‘far-right’ government in Israel had provocatively approached the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Enough reason one would say to mobilise the highest authority in the world.

One Jew spending thirteen minutes at Temple Square at seven in the morning silences all other world news and world leaders are in an uproar to avert this calamity. Yes, then something must really be going on. One Jew, uttering a prayer to worship God in his own land in the most holy place, causes world leaders to erupt in anger and fear.

That God of Israel has indeed risen to take care of Israel. For my quiet time this morning, I read Isaiah 45,starting from verse 18. Verse 15 speaks of a God who hides Himself, but then in verse 19 God says: “I have not spoken in secret”. It seems like the God of Israel has hidden Himself from His people, but not from verse 18 onwards. Visible to all nations, He returns to Zion and Israel’s descendants will receive righteousness and rejoice in God.

This is what I think is going on. It is not for nothing that Israel’s (and God’s!) enemies prepare for a battle when one Jew prays for thirteen minutes at Temple Square. That is where the Saviour taught the people. That is where the Lord God dwelt in the temple. There, again, people pray for salvation. There really is something going on in the spiritual world. The God of Israel is taking care of His people, and His adversaries are preparing for battle. The evil one and his henchmen are aware that they have very little time left to thwart the plans of the God of Israel.

‘All who have raged against the God of Israel will come to Him and be put to shame” (Isaiah 45:24).

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