• People take cover in a stairway in Jerusalem, as a red Siren alert is sounded, when drones and missiles fired from Iran into Israel, April 14, 2024. | Photo: Arie Leib Abrams/Flash90

Bryce’s update ‘on the ground’ in Israel

Bryce Turner - 17 April 2024

You will no doubt have heard in the news media that Israel was attacked Saturday night. In the biggest such missile attack, and the first directly from Iranian soil, over three hundred projectiles were launched to attack Israel. This included UAV ‘kamikaze’ drones, but also cruise and ballistic missiles.

I heard them, I felt them, I saw the sky light up as they were destroyed.

Having only just completed our ANZAC Solidarity Mission (C4I Australia and New Zealand), I am now catching my breath in the Jordan Valley (and doing some washing!) prior to travelling to Jerusalem to begin the next phase of this trip. From here, the barrages of missiles were very close, very clear, but so ably neutralised by Israeli Air Defense, aided by a number of allies. Jordan opened its airspace so that many of the projectiles were destroyed before even crossing the border into Israel. (Although the border is not very far away!)

So, I am asking you to pray. Saturday night was a spectacular demonstration of the Israeli air defence systems. Only three projectiles managed to get through, and those caused only minor damage, although, unfortunately, a young Bedouin girl was hurt. Now, the question on everyone’s mind is, what will happen next? Will Israel be able to hold off the next onslaught?

Mr Biden – in his usual, somewhat senile manner – has simply told Israel to ‘take the win’. I wonder what the American population would be saying if 331 projectiles were launched in New York? I’m quite certain he would need to come up with something a little more useful than ‘let it go’.

But that decision, and countless others of equal significance, are what the Israeli war cabinet is working through right now. The situation has the potential to escalate into a full-scale war with Iran.

On the other hand, two additional brigades of soldiers have been sent back into Gaza to address the ongoing search for those responsible for the Oct 7 attacks, who have promised to repeat them over and over again. A 14-year-old boy was just brutally murdered by ‘peaceful Palestinian resistance fighters’ not far from where I am staying. Hamas has still not surrendered; the hostages have still not been released. More and more stories are coming out from those hostages who have been released, as well as the ongoing investigation into the crimes – in particular horrendous sexual crimes – committed by Hamas and Gazan civilians on Oct 7. Even the UN has stated that it is most likely such sexual torture is continuing to be inflicted on the hostages still in captivity.

Israel needs prayer. Israel’s leaders need prayer (and to be honest, I could use some too!)

On behalf of our supporters, I am here interviewing, meeting, blessing and encouraging our Israeli brothers and sisters at this most difficult of times. During the ANZAC Solidarity Mission it was made clear to us again and again, just how grateful Israelis are for the moral support, that people would come from the opposite side of the planet to support, to volunteer, to bless.

These are dark times. Not just for Israel – because even though there is so much pain here now, we know how that story will end – but for all the world. So many are blindly backing the wrong side, believing the propaganda and condemning the one country currently standing up to the seemingly unstoppable tsunami of extremist Islamists that is sweeping the world.

Please, please, pray.
Blessings from Israel,


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