Aliyah Ukraine

In Ukraine, Koen Carlier and his team are active in helping the small Jewish communities on behalf of Christians for Israel. They assist Jewish people who want to emigrate to Israel in a very practical way with transportation and arrangement of travel documents. With the current situation in Ukraine, the Jewish people are now listening more than ever to the call to return to Israel – the land of their forefathers. Preparation for emigration from Ukraine to Israel is often very complex, costly and time-consuming. Many of the olim (Jews who return to Israel) live far away from the city, without means of transportation. Our Aliyah team drives these olim on several occasions to the Israeli Embassy, consulate and/or Jewish Agency offices, and finally to the airport. This whole process can take several years. When they say farewell at the airport Koen and his team always say: ‘We want to pray with you, that the Lord may plant you and bless you in the land of your forefathers’. 

Costs of transportation and visa assistance: One person $300; one family (5 people) $1250; one bus (25 people) $6250. 

Please support olim from Ukraine to make Aliyah. Any amount is welcome!