Advent Scripture Calendar

1) Who are you?

Rev. Henk Poot
Sunday 28 November
Daniel 11: 29-33

In the second century before Christ, the Jewish people lived under the control of two Greek principalities, one in Egypt and the other in Syria. They were the descendants of general Alexander the Great who had brought the entire Middle East into contact with Greek culture. Between 170 and 164 B.C., a terrible war raged in Israel between people who wanted to go along with the new era and make Jerusalem a Greek city, and the orthodox Jews, the Maccabees. The violence had started with the murder of the high priest; the anointed one, as Daniel calls him (Dan. 9:26). The war even led to the desecration of the Temple after three years: pigs were being sacrificed and the progressive party even placed a statue of the Greek king in the Holy of Holies. They believed that, in this way, the spirit of the Maccabees would be broken. Yet, they won, and after the Temple was cleansed and rededicated, a new feast was added: Hanukkah, the feast of the Temple’s rededication. During this feast – and this year its beginning coincides with the first days of Advent – people are faced with certain questions. First of all, do you still believe and serve the living God? Or are you being swallowed up by the spirit of the times? Who are you, what is your identity? This is also a good question for us all at the beginning of these days and weeks. How do you live towards the coming of Jesus?


Lord God, help me to live the way You want me to. Keep me from conforming to the spirit of the age. Fill me more and more with the Spirit of Your Son, whom we are expecting.


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