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6) Serve the best wine last

Rev. Henk Poot - 3 December 2021
Friday 3 December

John 2: 1-11

What Jesus does at the wedding in Cana is not just a miracle, it is a sign! At the deeper layer, it is about the relationship between God and His people, Israel. The wine has run out. It seems that Israel is stuck on the road of salvation history. Someone from Esau sits on the throne, Herod. There are also many problems with the High Priest. There are even two of them: Annas and Caiaphas. The people are divided, not to mention the Roman occupation.

And then it is revealed that God comes to the aid of His people through His Son. Redemption will come in due time. The first miracle already shows the glory of Jesus. Apparently, the best wine is saved for last. The best is yet to come.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the image of Israel. She conceived the Messiah.  Her question to Jesus shows a wonderful simplicity: she does not complain, she does not try to convince her son. She simply says: ‘They have no more wine’. And Jesus answers with: ‘What does this mean between you and Me.’ I believe this is the best translation.

The Hebrew word for glory is Kabod and the numerical value of the letters is: 11-2-6-4 (23). This is reflected in the structure of this passage. The introduction has 69 words (3 x 23), the miracle itself has 92 words (4 x 23) and the conclusion in verse 11 has 23 words. And finally, you have the volume of the jars: 20 or 30 gallons. After this sign, John tells us that Passover was at hand. This is not just a remark. Passover is the feast of the exodus and the book that is associated with Passover is Song of Songs. The first miracle of Moses was to turn water into blood. All these things play a part. The last redemption will be like the first!

It sometimes seems as if the world is stuck. And that may also be the case in your own life. Do as Mary did and try to tell in all simplicity what is wrong and what you miss.

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