Advent Scripture Calendar

5) The Word made flesh

Rev. Henk Poot - 2 December 2021
Thursday 2 December

John 1: 13-18

Soon, John will tell us who Jesus is. He is the promised prophet, the Messiah, the Lamb of God, the Son of God, the King of Israel and the Son of Man. But first He tells us that He is the Son who is ‘in the bosom of the Father’. This phrase not only testifies to the enormous intimacy between the Father and the Son, but also points to the authority of Jesus, to His power. Later, John will tell us that he was ‘leaning on Jesus’ bossom’ (John 13:23).

No one has ever seen God. Nor could we. No one can endure God’s majesty and power. However, God revealed Himself in the Torah, in the teaching of Moses. This was already a great gift. And we now realize that the Son was also present in it.

Yet, in His abundant grace and faithfulness, God now reveals Himself in Jesus the Messiah, writes John. The Word became flesh. And this means nothing less than that the Son of God has entered into the existence of Israel.

Other Evangelists will emphasize the latter much more. They will show that Jesus is also the Son of Abraham and of David. John, however, full of admiration of the greatness of Jesus, reveals to us: ‘We have seen His glory’. God has never been so close to us! The Word has set up His tabernacle among us!

We give thanks to You, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for Your grace and faithfulness. We thank you that in Jesus we may see who You are and that You have come so close to Israel and the world in Your love.

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