Advent Scripture Calendar

2) Who are You?

Rev. Henk Poot - 29 November 2021
Monday 29 November

John 10:22-30

During Hanukkah, Jesus is still in Jerusalem. People not only reflect on the time when the Temple was desecrated, but also remember the terrible king who had put his statue in the Temple. It has become a feast in which resistance to foreign rulers is stirred up. In the time of the Gospel, this was the Roman Empire.

In these Bible verses we read that Jesus was in the Temple and they asked Him the following question: Are You the Anointed One, the King that God has promised or are You an imposter, just as terrible as all those other people who want to rule over us? It is an important question because the Bible (Deut. 18) says you must follow the great prophet that God sends, but you must kill self-made prophets. Moses said: Look at what he is doing. That is the proof. And so, Jesus points to the works that He does.

The question for us is: What do we think of Jesus? What do we believe about Him who is coming? What image do we have of Him, and do we really follow Him?

I would like to thank You, Lord Jesus, for who You are, for what You have done and will do for us on earth. Please help me to get to know You better. Show me in God’s Word what I do not yet know about You. I want to be able to understand You better and lift You up more and more.

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