Advent Scripture Calendar

10) Light of the world

Rev. Henk Poot - 7 December 2021
Tuesday 7 December

John 8: 12 and 9: 1-11

At the Feast of Tabernacles, four huge lampstands were lit in the Temple square, casting their light over the city in the evening and night. They were a reminder of the column of fire that accompanied the Israelites in the desert. As a guide but also as a covering against the cold of the nightly desert (see 1 Corinthians 10:1).

The Lord Jesus then says that He is the light, not only for Israel but for all people. Let us think again of the first chapter of John. In the Word was life, and the life was the light of all mankind. And let’s recall the previous chapter, because just like water, light is also an image of the Torah. In Psalm 119 we read that God’s Word is a light unto our path. Jesus must have thought of that when He spoke these words. In addition, as the Son of God, Jesus is also the reflection and expression of God’s glory. Jesus wants to lead Israel and us, in His protection, on the way to God’s Kingdom. Without Him, you will continue to wander and roam, and eventually not know where you will end up.

The encounter with the man born blind is an illustration. Jesus opens our eyes to the future and to the way ahead. The religious elite of Jerusalem who oppose Jesus are exposed as evil leaders who are blind.

It is obvious that we live in a world full of confusion. Our world has big problems. It is also a time of deceivers and false prophets who, using God’s Word, put themselves in the spotlight.

We may give thanks that we can follow Jesus with confidence. When He watches over us, there is peace, hope and certainty.

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