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C4I International Annual Report 2020

editor - 8 June 2021

We have made it our mission to teach Christians about God’s plan for Israel and to bless and support Israel and the Jewish people. 2020 was an exceptional year. All around the world, people’s health and lives were affected by the COVID- 19 pandemic. Most of our regular activities, such as speaking tours, were canceled. However, we did find other (digital) ways to spread the message. We also increased the efforts towards our online campaign through which we promote our newspaper Israel & Christians Today and the Bible studies on our website. We continued being intensively involved in Aliyah and supported numerous projects in Israel and Ukraine.

We are proud of our staff and volunteers worldwide who – under exceptional circumstances – were even more dedicated to the work of Christians for Israel International. And we are thankful to our sup- porters all over the world, who made it possible to fulfil our mission. It is our prayer that the LORD may continue to bless us in this important work.