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Israel: God’s way to world peace

Rev. Willem Glashouwer - 28 April 2022

Earthquakes are ravaging planet earth. The statistics of the ‘killer-quakes’, earth- and seaquakes that demand deadly victims are skyrocketing. Weapons of mass destruction – the so called ‘NBC weapons’: nuclear weapons, biological weapons and chemical weapons, are also being developed and put in range by smaller countries. Terrorist groups are trying to lay hold of them. Radical Islam is advancing worldwide. In Europe, faith in a personal God is rapidly declining. More and more people are gripped by fear for the future. Is the planet heading for a devastating Third World War?

The world economy is stagnating. Diminishing energy supplies, pollution of air and water, increasingly scarce agricultural areas, encroaching deserts and temperatures rising ever faster on earth resulting in drastic climate changes. An increasing amount of plant and animal species are dying out. Sealife is increasingly threatened. Is humanity exterminating itself? Are barely visible asteroids from space threatening to penetrate the atmosphere and hit the planet with the force of many nuclear bombs? Will more and more viruses and bacteria strike mercilessly, so that old and new diseases – like COVID-19 – rapidly increase?

Or is there hope? What do ancient Bible prophecies tell us about that? Are we at the brink of the end of the world? Or are we approaching a new beginning? Will the further development of science and technology save us? Living in the end times. But how? What will the future bring? No one knows what the future holds. Only He Who holds the future in His hands, the Creator of heaven and earth, knows what the future will bring. And He showed it to the prophets of Israel.

The signs of the times. The Lord Jesus mentions them in His end time sermon in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 17 and 21. His discourse on the ‘last things’. Many prophecies in the Bible speak of it. So that we will not be naive about the things that will come upon the world. And to make us realize that He knows about it. And that He will not let things run out of His hands. So that we – living in the end times – may realize: right through the painful and bewildering events of the end times: we are on our way to His everlasting and Glorious future when He comes to make all things forever new.

The ‘chronicle of the end times’ is not a cheerful, uplifting story. But the Most High will not abandon the works of His hands. The Kingdom is coming. Because Israel is returning home. From all over the world. Back to the Promised land of Israel. Because the King is coming. Peace on Earth. Israel, God’s roadmap to world peace.

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