• A group of refugees on their way from the East of Ukraine to our shelter in Western Ukraine. | Photo: C4I Ukraine
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More than fishermen during the war

Nataliya - 9 June 2022
For many years Christians for Israel Ukraine has been assisting the Jewish people in Ukraine. Food parcels, hot meals, visits to encourage the Jewish elderly, and personal meetings. We are not just fishermen, about whom we can read in the book of Jeremiah.
“However, the days are coming,” declares the Lord, “when it will no longer be said, ‘As surely as the Lord lives, who brought the Israelites up out of Egypt,’  but it will be said, ‘As surely as the Lord lives, who brought the Israelites up out of the land of the north and out of all the countries where He had banished them.’”
Jeremiah 16:14

One of our goals has been to support Ukrainian Jews who decided to make Aliyah — return to the Promised Land. By doing so, we see how God’s promises are being fulfilled in front of our own eyes. We are witnesses of His glory in so many ways. One of our other goals has been to support the needy with food parcels on a regular basis. As well as comforting the Holocaust survivors who are still among us. We spend time with them, comfort them, as the prophet Isaiah says, and simply listen to their stories.

Nowadays there is another important field in which we are active. We continue to do our work amidst the war that is still raging. The people that we receive in our shelter, and who suffered shelling during the first day of invasion, jump up whenever a door is slammed. Four to five air raids a night do not give them enough time to recover. They keep on hearing news from their friends about destroyed home, which makes them feel even more troubled.

Being believers, we have enough mercy and compassion to all people who suffered the fear of shelling and spent numerous days in bomb shelters before we were able to organize safe evacuation from hot zones. We no longer simply consult the people, our work go far beyond that — we cry with those who cry or those who no longer feel joy at all. Some of these people lost their homes. They have no belongings, nothing at all. They are not even capable of talking about their experiences. Very often they don’t say anything for quite some time, and when they arrive they step out of the bus or train silently, eat in complete silence and are unreachable.

Until this day I have been keeping a lot of stories in my heart and I continue to pray for each and every person I’ve met. I’ll share a few stories with you.

Andrei, is a young father with three small children came from Mariupol. After massive shelling, which lasted for several seconds, he lost his house, business, and 2 cars. He literally grabbed his kids and wife and, being dressed in sports clothes, they evacuated from the town. Miraculously he managed to secure a folder with their documents.
Upon arrival to our shelter in western Ukraine, he kept on asking the same question: “How could this happen to us? How could God allow all of this?”

Raia in one of our shelters before leaving for Israel. Photo: C4I Ukraine

Raia, 72, is from the Zhytomyr region (near the border of Belarus or White Russia). Raia’s house was located very near to the constant defense line. She spent days and night in the basement praying, crying, and believing for the best… For many years already she’s been living alone having no relatives in Israel. I had a privilege to spend a few hours with Raia, hugged her, spoke words of encouragement, listened to her stories, and simply sat there with her. We got in touch with the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem who invited her to live in Ashkelon!


Nikita (16) from Bela Cherkov. Photo: C4I

I love to speak to young people that are leaving. They are always ready to go to an unknown country where people speak a foreign language and where they have absolutely no friends.

Like Nikita, 15 years old. He traveled from Bela Tserkov to Israel via the NAALEH program, a study program in Israel for teenagers. He is a well-educated and wise young man with a genuine desire to become a part of Israel and to contribute to the nation. Nikita sincerely believes that soon his mom, dad, and little brother will join him in Israel.


There have been situations in were we have helped solve family issues. When people open up their hearts, you become a very gentle listener and maybe even doctor. Our task is to help every Jewish person whose desire it is to go to the Promised Land.

t is a great privilege to be part of the destiny of the Jewish people, God’s people. Aliyah is on the heart of the Almighty. I am so thankful to be serving Him!

Especially mothers with their children flee from Ukraine to Israel. | Photo: C4I Ukraine




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