C4I Holds 8th Asian Conference in India

editor - 7 April 2020

Have you ever heard of Nagaland? Until a year ago I hadn’t. A pastor from Nagaland – a state in the north- eastern part of India – attended our Christians for Israel regional conference in Nepal in 2019. He was touched by the message and invited us to come to his country and organised a pastors’ conference about Israel in the city of Dimapur in Nagaland, India. Over 180 pastors attended the 3-day conference.

Attendees at the 8th Asia Pacific Training & Leadership Conference in Nagaland – India | Photo: Christians for Israel

Rev Willem Glashouwer, Rev Conrado Lumahan, and Christians for Israel Regional Director Wilson Ng and I taught about Israel from a biblical and historical perspective. India is a predominantly a Hindu country, but over 90% of the population is Christian in Nagaland.

Nevertheless, for most of the pastors, the message about Israel was totally new, and a real revelation. One of the church leaders, who closed the second day of the conference with a prayer, expressed his feelings in his prayer as follows: ‘Lord, I used to read the Bible, but this truth I could not understand, even though it was in the Bible. I ask you, God, to create an open mind and heart within me so that I can understand it fully’. We were all deeply impressed by this prayer. Another pastor told us: ‘It is a very challenging conference for us; it breaks my mind. I should have honestly interpreted the Bible in my ministry’.

After the conference, a pastor told us that we should come back for at least a full week of solid teaching and Bible study in order to achieve a deep and more complete understanding about Israel in our faith.

On Saturday, we were privileged to share about Israel in a Bible school. Over 180 young students attended three hours teaching about Israel. On Sunday we were all invited to preach in four different churches in Dimapur.

They were wonderful blessed days in Dimapur. We pray that the Lord will bless and guide the Nagaland pastors in the coming days.

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