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Tens of thousands participate in annual Jerusalem March 2017

editor - 11 October 2017

By Adi Rozenberg.. Multitudes of people from Israel and around the world take part in the annual Jerusalem March, marking the 50th anniversary of the city’s unification. Tens of thousands of participants from 80 different countries took part Tuesday (October 10, 2017) in the annual march in Jerusalem marking the 50th anniversary of the city’s unification. Israeli tourists, IDF soldiers, representatives of the security and rescue forces, street artists, dancers, musicians and dozens of groups representing public bodies were seen walking side by side. “I’m a Christian but I feel connected to Israel,” said Marissa from Catalonia. “I do not know how to explain it, but I feel very close to it. All Christians feel that way. ” As participants gathered to start the march, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat welcomed one and all. Read the full story.


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