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Christians for Israel International (C4I) Annual Report 2016

editor - 13 September 2017

It is a pleasure to present our report on the Christians for Israel ministry in 2016.

The Lord is bringing His people Israel home, and is preparing His body to be ready for the coming of Jesus Christ as Lord and Messiah. We are thankful that we are allowed to be involved in what God is doing in our generation.

Christians for Israel’s primary mission is to raise awareness in the Church concerning God’s faithfulness to His people Israel. It is a message of hope, but equally a message of warning, and a call to repentance.

We are thankful that the Lord opened many doors in 2016 to bring this message into the churches around the world. The Lord is raising men and women in the nations who are able and willing to speak with boldness and love into the churches in their nations. This is a work of the Holy Spirit, without whom it is impossible to understand God’s Word.

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