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Barry Rodgers Introduction to Kelvin's New Documentary:

A Landmark event following WW1 and the exploits of the Australian Light Horse


We are about to commemorate the 100th anniversary of one of the most significant yet little known events of the 20th century. This is the last centenary of any major event that relates directly to WW1. Prior to WW1, Turkey had captured vast areas of the Middle East and Southern Europe at the point of the sword over a period of around 400 years. What should happen now to the great Ottoman Empire?  Attended by most of the Allied powers, a peace conference with Turkey was held at San Remo Italy between April 19-26th to determine just that.

This Conference laid the legal foundations for the future state of Israel, as well the Nation states of Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon – all of which had once been part of the Turkish Empire.

Kelvin Crombie who was the guest historian on all three of our Light Horse trips to the Middle East has put together a short documentary explaining the significance of this important event.

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Part 1: The San Remo Conference April 1920
Short film | 20 minutes
Part 2: From San Remo to the Mandate for Palestine
Short film | 16 minutes
Give Peace a Chance
Short film | 15 minutes


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