Faith in a personal God is in Europe rapidly declining. Anxiety and fear for the future are increasingly laming the lives of many, as a deadly stranglehold. Is planet earth heading for an all devastating Third World War? Is there any hope? Is Israel a sign of hope? 

Earthquakes scourge planet earth. Environmental disasters are looming. Sources of energy are diminishing. Overpopulation of human beings is reaching its billions. Weapons of mass destruction are being 
produced even by smaller nations and are ready to be used as weapons of war. Terrorist groups are trying to get a hold of them. Radical Islam is worldwide on the rise. 

What is the message of age-old Biblical prophecies? Do they have any meaning for today? Are we standing at the beginning of the end of mankind and planet earth? Or are we rapidly approaching the dawn of a splendid new future? 

Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer looks at fifty-two signs of the times mentioned in the Bible.

The Signs of the Times Book by Rev. Willem J J Glashouwer

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