“Over the years I have struggled with myself to come to a new understanding from a Biblical and prophetic perspective about the Jewish people, Israel, Jerusalem, the Covenants, the Biblical concept of the Kingdom. In, the past, the present and in the future.I have published a ‘trilogy’ with the titles Why Israel?, Why Jerusalem? and Why End Times? and a daily devotional on the Book of Revelation, day-to-day, verse-by-verse, a Pastoral Commentary on the Book of Revelation.


Now I am offering some conclusions in this book Israel: Covenants & Kingdom. The Everlasting Covenants with Israel fit like hand-in-glove with the Biblical concept of the everlasting Kingdom. May the LORD use it as a contribution to bless the Church, comfort Israel and warn the nations - with our eyes upon the Coming of the Lord and His Kingdom!” - Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer

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Israel: Covenants & Kingdom Book by Rev. Willem J J Glashouwer

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