PRESS RELEASE – Christians for Israel welcomes the decision of President Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

editor - 7 December 2017

Christians for Israel welcomes President Trump’s long-awaited decision yesterday to recognize Jerusalem as capital of the State of Israel, and to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

The decision has attracted a lot of attention. Most world leaders, media and opinion shapers have responded with outrage, objection or simple disbelief. Many argue that President Trump is pursuing personal interests ahead of the interests of his nation or the world. There seems little doubt that the decision will unleash diplomatic reactions and a wave of violence from Islamic extremists.
This makes the decision all the more remarkable. And courageous.

In fact the decision does not do anything particularly new. As President Trump himself said, it simply effectuates a decision taken decades ago, but never implemented. And it recognizes the reality on the ground – that Jerusalem has since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 been in fact the capital of the State of Israel. Jerusalem is the seat of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) and most other national institutions.

The decision acknowledges the historical fact that Jerusalem (Zion) is the spiritual, religious, national and historical capital of the Jewish people. It was the Jewish people who first established Jerusalem as their capital under King David. It was here that they built the Temple. And it is Jerusalem that represents the centerpiece of all Jewish hopes and dreams of world peace under Messiah.

Christians for Israel International President Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer, author of the book ‘Why Jerusalem?’, stated: “From a Biblical perspective, this decision confirms the significance of Jerusalem in God’s purposes. The Prophets tell us that Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the fullness of the times of the Gentiles has been reached. The prophet Zechariah predicted that Jerusalem would become a ‘cup of reeling’ and a ‘stumbling block’ for the nations. And that the nations will come up against Jerusalem in the last days. This brave decision, and the wild reactions it is unleashing, show that indeed Jerusalem is causing totally irrational chaos among the nations. It could also be a sign that the times of the Gentiles is coming to an end, and the start of the establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of the world – the place from which the word of the Lord shall go forth when Messiah judges between the nations – when Messiah comes.”

Executive Director Andrew Tucker: “From the perspective of international law and relations, the response to Trump’s decision is remarkable, and simply highlights the unfair and discriminatory treatment of Israel in the world. Every nation on earth has the right to designate its capital; Israel should be treated no differently. While Jerusalem is not mentioned specifically in the Balfour Declaration (1917) and the Mandate for Palestine (1920 – 1948), there can be no doubt that it was the intention of all nations in adopting the Mandate that Jerusalem would be included in the Jewish homeland that was to be reconstituted ‘in Palestine’.”

The decision comes only days after a resolution was adopted by the UN General Assembly on November 30th declaring that Israel’s governance of Jerusalem is “illegal and therefore null and void”. Tucker: “This is pure rhetoric, as the United Nations has no power to make a binding decision on this issue. Nevertheless it shows that a majority of nations is bitterly opposed to Israel’s control over Jerusalem. We are going to see many more resolutions like these in the near future, which will be used to justify diplomatic, legal and maybe even military action to remove Israel’s presence in Jerusalem.”

Although President Trump’s decision is likely to cause increasing hostility towards Israel and the Jewish people, we believe this was a right decision. There can be no peace as long as the leaders of our nations refuse to speak the truth, and continue to bow down to those who preach hatred and who deny the legitimacy of the Jewish State of Israel and its right – as any sovereign nation – to designate its capital city.

Glashouwer: “It is our task as Christians to watch and understand the signs of the times; to stand on God’s word in solidarity with the Jewish people; and to pray with increased vigor for the peace of Jerusalem. The times ahead will not be easy. We are likely entering a time of unrest and possible military conflict. The peace agreement that President Trump seems to be so determined to achieve is unlikely to bring stability or lasting peace. Large-scale conflict in the Middle East will threaten the security of Europe, and it will affect all nations.

Let us remain focused on the Lord, continue to intercede before the throne of the Almighty on behalf of His chosen people, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and look with increased longing to Him for our salvation, peace and security.”



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Andrew Tucker

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