C4I Denmark’s Official Launch

editor - 29 March 2018

In the presence of the Ambassador of Israel to Denmark, Benjamin Dagan, his wife Irit and Rev Willem Glashouwer, Per and Kirsten Nielsen officially launched Christians for Israel Denmark.

The ambassador and his wife said it was an honour for them to be invited and to be a part of the launch. The event took place in a church, with armed police offices protecting the building, a sight never before seen. We tried to keep the event low key, but with armed guards, three police cars on the pathway and secret-service all around the building, it was clear that something special was taking place inside.

The second issue of the Danish newspaper was available for the 75 attendees, who represented friends of the Jewish people and Israel who were invited together with representatives of the Jewish community in Denmark.

Unfortunately, Marie-Louise Weissenböck, Regional Director for Christians for Israel Europe, could not be present because of a strike at the airport in Vienna, Austria.

It was a great and blessed evening, with a lot of delicious (kosher) Israeli dishes. The Israeli artist, who performed live at the event, was very touched and said she never knew that so many people loved Israel.

The Israeli Ambassador Benjamin Dagan and Rev. Glashouwer


Rev Willem Glashouwer and Per Nielsen

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